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Cotto vs Margarito Picks and Predictions

Cotto vs Margarito was mentioned as the biggest fight to end the year 2011. Like the Pacquiao vs Marquez last November 12, there are several boxing analyst, journalist and even us ordinary people who loves boxing has our own prediction of what would be the outcome of this fight. So, I read picks and predictions from a Boxing Analyst that the fight will remain the same as their first in the way that the same person will win and you already know who is he. But there are some journalist says that it will be a contradict of what happen before. This means one thing, winner before, will loser tomorrow, as I say.

So, I just want to share to you the predictions coming from a staff from Bad Left Hook. Let us know what he predicts about this fight. This is so intriguing, so you should read this before leaving this page. Picks and Predictions from a Staff of Bad Left Hook.

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